Flexible pods cushion each step reducing impact through hand, wrist, elbow, & shoulder

Bio-medically engineered to help normalize gait

Lightweight easy to use on stairs unlike typical multi-pod canes

Great on all terrain including grass gravel and sand where typical canes may sink into the ground

Ergonomic design for use in either hand without adjustment

Aesthetic design makes you feel less infirm


Every year over 8 million* individuals begin to use an assistive device for balance and stability. Canes of all types have been used for thousands of years, but not until recently has the issue of accessibility been so important. Where to put the cane when not in use has always perplexed the cane-user. In restaurants for example, canes are hung from the table, held in the lap or placed on the floor.
In some cases the cane is placed out of reach making the cane user dependant upon another for assistance. The introduction of multi-pod canes has changed the perception of using these devices. Psychologically the user is concerned with the image of being infirm.  People who use these canes find them cumbersome and heavy, most weigh over 2 pounds. Novelty devices that use baskets, springs, or just an enlarged round disk to make their claims fall short in providing the security that cane-users need to feel confident in their mobility.

The AbleTripod® addresses all of these issues and offers additional benefits for the cane user.

Made from a specially formulated rubber compound, the AbleTripod® is designed with flexible pods that conform to the ground providing increased traction.

* 1992 AARP report on cane

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I was always dropping my cane. I love the fact that it stands on its own.
                          J.L. Central Islip, NY
I have arthritis in my knees and spine which makes me unsteady. The AbleTripod Cane encourages and aids me to be more self confident especially on steps and curbs                         
                        J.S. Greensboro, NC

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