The AbleTripod® was first developed in 1999 by an engineer and a physician after realizing the inconvenience and difficulty individuals experience both personally and by watching patients use their canes.

The AbleTripod® was first introduced to the medical community at the 2000 American Physical Therapy Associations Annual conference in San Antonio, TX. It was then that physical therapists began recognizing the innovative design as the answer to single point cane instability.

ABLETRIPOD, LLC. continues to support Physical Rehabilitation by continually attending conferences and providing complimentary product for testing and use by university medical centers and teaching institutions as well as homecare agencies, rehabilitation hospitals, rehabilitation centers, & nursing homes.

The AbleTripod® is currently being recommended by most University Medical Centers and rehabilitation hospitals throughout the US, including the NIH, Johns Hopkins, Rusk Institute, UCLA Medical Center, Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital to name a few. Many of the VA hospitals provide through the prosthetics Department

The AbleTripod received mention in one of the latest textbook discussion on mobility:                                                                                       
 "Physical Rehabilitation - Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention" by Michelle H. Cameron, PT, OCS, MD and Linda Monroe, MPT, OCS Published Copyright 2007 by Saunders-Elsevier.

Our primary goal is to provide innovative "Quality of Life" products to our valuable customers.

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