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Common Questions

What is AbleTripod?
AbleTripod is a patented replacement cane tip pod that cushions each step reducing impact on the hand, wrist, and elbow.

What size AbleTripod is right for me?
Click here to see how to properly size your AbleTripod

How do I get the new Abletripod tip onto my cane?
Place a small drop of liquid dish soap on your pinkey and apply to the inside surface of the hole. Place the Abletripod on the floor. Insert the cane into the hole. Push down while twisting until cane is seated all the way into the tip.

How do I remove the old tip from my cane?
No adhesive is used. Twisting the tip off can be difficult. It is best to place your cane laying down on a table with just the tip extended off the edge. Hold the cane down with one hand and grip the tip with your other hand pulling up and pushing down while pulling the tip off. 

What is the correct position of the Abletripod shown next to my foot?
The two short pods face forward. The long pod aligns straight back with the cane hande.

Why doesn't my cane stand up?
Make sure the cane is properly aligned and stands straight up. Check the raised edge on the bottom to make sure it is not worn flat. Worn bases should be replaced.

Can I use my Abletripod at the beach?
The Abletripod is perfect for use at the beach. The large surface area does not sink into the sand and provides stable support.

How do I clean my Abletripod?
Wipe with damp cloth. Use a rubber protectant i.e. Armor All.

When should I replace my Abletripod?
Replace your Abletripod when the raised edge along the bottom is worn flat.

Shipping & Payment Information

When will my order ship?
Orders ship within 24 hours of order placement.

How will my order ship?
AbleTripod orders ship via United State Postal Service (USPS) while AbleTripod Cane orders ship via UPS.  We will supply a shipping confirmation to your order as soon as we ship the order out.