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"Bought this for my husband's cane and he said it was great. He likes that he does not have to put his cane on a chair. Also he has problems with dropping his cane and can't pick it up without falling. With the Able Tripod Triangular Base he can get his cane without having to ask someone to pick it up for him. It gives him support and he doesn't feel like he might fall."

Posted by: green-eyes - 08/22/08
"I purchased this product for my cane after watching it being demonstrated on QVC one broadcast. I thought...ok...let's see how this thing holds up. When it arrived I put in on my cane, and LOVED IT!!! I immediately ordered another one for my spare cane, and promptly called everyone I knew with a cane, and recommended it to them. I am buying 2 more as Christmas gifts. I am young, and hated the 4 prong canes as they cause you to trip easily. This item allows you to move about without the worry of tripping over the prong feet, AND it helps the cane to remain in an upright position when left unattended, AND also acts as a foot lever when the cane does fall over. No more bending over to pick up a cane. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!"
Posted by: ZoeAnne - 11/30/08

"I purchased this over a year ago and it has proved invaluable. In the past, I would have to cradle my cane in my arms when needing both hands. Somehow or other I would have to turn and invariably hit someone with the cane. This allows me to stand the cane and be hands free and prevent injury to others. Additionally, my physical therapist asked me where I got it so he could recommend it to others -- a major endorsement from a professional. The only problem I had was the base wore quickly around the edges. When I called Able Tripod, they assured me it was an odd defect and immediately replaced the
item and asked me to return the worn product so they could have it evaluated by quality control. I am getting ready to reorder. Many people have asked me where I got it and I have been happy to give them both QVC and Able Tripod referrals."

Posted by: mike in sd - 02/22/09